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Dine & Drink, Meet & Entertain, Swim & Relax... And Enjoy The Privacy Of Your Own Home!

Your beautifully landscaped pool was designed to be a private retreat from the stress of every day life. With lights, water features and deck furnishings, a well maintained pool pampers and provides a way to refresh, relax, sun bathe and entertain throughout the afternoon and evening.

Malibu Pool Service™ has been designed to provide care and maintenance needed to optimize the water quality, maintain pool equipment and water features that you look forward to just for your convenience.

Providing a Safe & Healthful Aquatic Environment™

Basic Services Include:
  • Weekly Pool Service & Maintenance
  • Equipment Upgrade & Repair
  • New Plaster Start Up
  • Child & Pet Safety Features
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act Compliance
  • Assisted Living; Pool Access & Exit Features
Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient Innovations
  • Salt Water Systems
  • Water Ionization / Sanitization Systems
  • Energy Efficient Controllers & Pumps
  • High Efficiency Filters
  • Info On The Latest Equipment Available